Inside Volcanic Fumaroles

By far, one of the most amazing experiences that I had while in Antarctica was exploring inside the volcanic fumaroles of the southernmost active volcano in the world, Mt Erebus. Words can hardly describe my experience.

The ice tower formations that grow above each fumarole.

Inside, delicate crystals dangle off the ceiling.

Dr's Bill McIntosh and Nelia Dunbar relax in an atmosphere that feels almost like being underwater.

Large faceted snow crystals on the ceiling.

Ice formations unique to every fumarole.

Ice caverns bring you to a new room around every corner. It's hard to believe you're traveling under the ice of Mt. Erebus' slopes thanks to the heat released from the ingneous rocks below.

The most beautiful colors I have ever seen.

Bill McIntosh ascends out of a volcanic fumarole deep in the slopes of the world's southern most active volcano in the world, Antarctica's Mt. Erebus.


caryn leigh posnansky said...

HOLY SHNIKEYS sis, these are AMAZING!!!!! i can't handle the kind of cold weather you're in right now, but these photos make me want to go!!
i'm assuming all of your equipment is staying in one piece?
i hope you are doing great and expecting to see you in NYC in 2008!

marcy james said...

oh my. that place looks like the abominable snowman lives inside a fumarole. i am completely mystified. the light is so beautiful. what a wonderful gift for all of us to be able to see this reality. thanks, karen. it's all so beautiful that it's nearly intoxicating.