The day has finally come to say goodbye to this amazing place. Once again, the US Airforce will transport us in their C17. But this time, it will be back to the land of green, warmth, and smells that we have not experienced for over 4 months.

The arriving 'winter-overs' say goodbye to their friends after returning from Christchurch, NZ after their medical check over.

I am happy to be leaving and am thankful for such an incredible experience in the polar south

As we all load the plane, I notice.....

no one is looking back.

Flying over the most impressive scenery of glaciers meeting the sea...

made me realize...

I am hooked on Antarctica, and know that I will return again next year.

I hope that you have enjoyed my journey south, to the bottom of our world!

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Anonymous said...

Dear karen...im Patrick Gilligan. i met you in argentina, in the continental ice. i really enjoyed your work. its excellent!!! congratulations. i hope see you again.
best regards