"Happy Camper" - Winter Survival Training

Before any scientist or member of science support travels outside of the McMurdo area they must attend a winter survival course. Here, teams of 12 to 20 individuals will work together to establish an overnight camp on the McMurdo ice shelf during potentially challenging weather conditions. They will learn how to build a variety of snow shelters, cook themselves dinner with small backpacking stoves, and experiment with many of the tricks used to successfully sleep warm during an unexpected Antarctic survival situation.

This happy camper is intricately trimming the sides of snowblocks used to build a snow wall around camp. These walls best secure tents from being destroyed by the vicious winds that rip down Antarctica's ice shelves and glacier valleys.

Digging out the entrance is the last step in building a "quinzee," an Inuit word meaning snow shelter. This type of crude snow cave is made simply by hollowing out a mound of snow.

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caryn leigh posnansky said...

seriously Karen, these are AMAZING.
you need to be selling all these photos to travel magazines. are you still writing, like a continuous story about this experience that is going to make you a TON of money when you get home!?!?!?!?!
and what do you mean -87*, i didn't realize the weather could get that frickin' freezing!!!!!